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Sanitation of harvest equipment in hand harvested crops is essential

Jan 27, 2015-America-Now everyone can promptly attack this major food safety problem within their processes that could have inevitably resulted in

a potential food safety hazard being overlooked. Achieving food safety prevention requires taking appropriate steps before, at or during harvest to

prevent problems at every step along the farm-to-table chain.

Sanitation of harvest equipment in hand harvested crops is essential as pathogens can be spread from field to field via dirty uncleaned Rice

containers or field labor and with this action all traceability is lost because a sanitation break was not implemented for preventive


Harvest workers and their garden

Sprout Cultivating and picking buckets, totes and RPC's need positive sanitation in order to prove that a lot or block harvested

according to field maps to prove a traceback can be performed. When there is not a break for sanitation of equipment or harvest labor between

blocks or fields, all traceability is lost so that all blocks become one lot number commingled for a whole day or a weeks harvest and even a

season's production. In this case it would be necessary to recall all production and packed products when a foodborne pathogen was found.

Traceback recordkeeping of sanitation practices makes practical solutions for food safety. When there is a missing link in sanitation, such as a

packing house sends out sanitized bins to the field and the harvest laborers wash there hands but the harvest or picking buckets were not sanitized

before picking then there is no need to sanitize the bins as the picking buckets filled with harvested produce can carry contamination from

previous blocks and this eliminates any form of traceability that can be performed with all harvested lots ending up as being a single lot. So

where does your traceability system end? At the packing house, at the farm gate or on that farm field.

ScoringAg Solution Provider for FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) recordkeeping, food safety and traceback requirements, helped design a new

food safety portable sanitizer for the produce and general foods industry to prevent the spreading of foodborne pathogens. Sanitizing produce

harvest containers fast during fruit or vegetable harvest when switching blocks is a must. These sanitation practices enables producers and their

harvester's to severely decrease, if not actually eliminate, the potential for sanitary issues and food safety hazards (biological, chemical, or

physical) being introduced into commerce while providing positive methods of traceback to a lot of labeled product.

ScoringAg has taken this lack of sanitation of a harvest container problem to a new level by building portable units that can sanitize harvest

containers and picking buckets and produce cutting aides directly at the site of switching over to a new field. One of the new ways is reading RFID

chips on each container as they are sanitized to check the GPS location of sanitation and date and time when it was done. This practice proves that

a traceback can be proven. This Ag-Pack Sanitizer saves time and money for the grower while he has done a prevention practice for the FSMA law

while proving a sanitation break to prove that no pathogens were carried from the previous field or blocks harvested.

This Ag-Pack unit is versatile as it is easy to move and it carries it's own water supply and can be mounted on a trailer and can be ran with a gas

engine. It has stainless steel construction to make the sanitation complete. It's size lends itself to moving over long distances in the back of a

standard pickup. The unit can handle different sizes of containers and has a full range chemical use pump.

Agriculturemachinerybusiness.com and its traceback and traceup system, featuring Site-Specific Recordkeeping and PIDC location codes, is located in

Venice, Florida, USA, specializing in providing food industry solutions with food safety equipment, mobile database data, printing equipment,

PDA's, laptops, and programmed Smart I-phones and other units like Androids using RFID and GPS bar-coded labeling, with the
real time database.

The database links tracking and traceback food/feed sanitation recordkeeping info of all food and feed, ingredients, containers and beverages

whether it's perishable produce commodities or not and makes managing product tracking information easier and more secure - and does it in an

extremely cost effective manner. The next time you visit your favorite restaurant or grocery store, think about where all that food comes from and

you will understand the need of sanitation. The hands that feed us put the nation's food supply at tremendous risk on a daily basis if personal

hygiene, safe food practices and environmental sanitation are not followed.

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